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Benifits with Parin Gems

Our philosophy is to provide you with diamond solutions so that you can implement your marketing programs to meet your individual business goals.

We can offer you a comprehensive range of solutions when your jewelry designs have to look perfect, feel perfect, and just be perfect - you can rest assured of receiving on-time deliveries of a wide variety of sizes, shapes and qualities.

You benefit from a trusted source of rough - guaranteeing your branded jewelry and private label multiple diamond jewelry designs.

Because of our vast inventory, we can supply you with the diamonds that assure your branded diamond jewelry collections - when your designs demand perfection.

Online Benifits

  • Of your complete inventory is maintained on our website where you can view, select and buy in a quick, easy.
  • Any time, you may select and avail goods as per your specific current requirement and operate at a minimum inventory level
  • Concentrate more on developing your businesses as purchases can be made at comfort and convenience, rather than spending time, energy and money in traveling to find the desired goods.
  • All required measurements like crown angle, pavilion depth, girdle thickness, diameter and length-width of all the diamonds are provided on our website. With this information, you can visualize the stone, and start making your jewellery well before the stone is delivered, in turn ensuring prompt onward delivery to your customer.
  • You can download preferred goods from our stock in MS Excel format, for further transmission to your customers.
  • We provide passwords where you can only view the availability & price of the goods desired, while only the authorized password (clients) has the right to place an order. This ensures proper selection and ordering and helps save a lot time

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